About Us

Hey! We're Jess and Jade, and together we are almost one fully functioning human. Here's how it works:
Jess handles the camera (until Jade takes it because she has an idea)
Jade handles the lights and posing (until Jess jumps in because he has an idea)
See where this is going?
A little backstory-
Before photographing mega names like Panic! At The Disco and Blink-182, Jess starting photographing local bands back in 2016. In 2017, he and Jade met when she was singing in a local rock band that Jess, you guessed it, was photographing.
Flash forward a few years and we've traveled the country, moved a few times, acquired some cats, and found a true passion for creating art with awesome humans.
Ok…that's a lie.
The cats acquired us.
And while we've done all sorts of sessions from seniors to weddings, we found our calling with 'weirdos' like us who are more beautiful and powerful than you realize.
We moved to St Paul, MN in early 2023 and are excited to meet you!
Woman in blue smiling
Man and woman artists happy together
Couple smiling at the camera
Man with flowers looking away